Amlwch Hunt plus 1 Medal (Copy)


Amlwch Hunt

Taking place in the beautiful and historic Amlwch Port and covering around 1.1 miles (1.68km) walking distance this treasure hunt introduces you to local history, beautiful scenery and guides you to find the beautiful scenic walks that run along the coastline.

The Amlwch treasure hunt is fun for the whole family, the object is to find the numbers by following the clues, at the end you us the code page to crack the code and solve the anagram. As with all of our hunts it starts with an origami puzzle to guide you to the start. Suitable for kids and grown ups from 6 onwards but not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs. If you would like an amended hunt for Amlwch suitable for a wheel chair or pushchair drop us an email and I could alter it to accommodate.

REMEMBER… If you forget to order enough medals at this stage you can return and by them separately.

Paricipation is at your own risk, please see legal information for terms and conditions.

Amlwch Port
Overlooking Bull Bay


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