Every Special hunt we've ever done!

The most recent hunt will be at the top, if you’d like to try any of the other specials we’ve done please feel free to scroll through. 

Hunts are displayed at their original price, please contact me first if the hunt originally came with a medal in order to make sure that medals for that particular hunt are still available. 

I’m afraid I can’t include the Easter hunt from last year because we had a little falling out with one of the locations. 

Please respect the people and employees at the individual locations, non of them are affiliated with Anglesey Treasures and are only named based on the references you will find in your download. Each location has an explanation of its haunted history which you can read when you get there.

Halloween Special Ghost Hunt

A tour of eight spots on Anglesey with reported hauntings. It is a driving hunt so you will need some kind of vehicle. Total driving distance is around 69 miles (111km). 

There is nothing stopping you doing this hunt at any time if you want to find out about Angleseys haunted places however the hunt will be withdrawn from sale after Bonfire night so if you think you would like to do it in the future please buy it and download asap.

Information sheet gives you everything you need to know about the haunted history of each location. 

The price of our Halloween special ghost hunt is £15. 


All of the locations can be observed from the outside, three of them are historical buildings that require an admission fee before you can access their inside so please be prepared for this in your budget if you feel that looking around them would add to the experience. The entrance fees aren’t extortionate but I know with a family these things add up.

There are plenty of places to grab teas and coffees or to stop for a picnic as you travel. The clues are quite hard but parts of the clues should yield good results on a web search and I know you wouldn’t want it too easy anyway. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Good luck.

Autumn Driving Hunt

A treasure hunt that offers you a drive through Anglesey’s lovely countryside and towns taking in some special places and providing quite a challenge on a few of the clues! Don’t worry, there is the usual cheat sheet if you get stuck. 

This treasure hunt is all new and will provide you with a full days entertainment (or split it over a few days). As usual we hope to introduce you to some places you may not have seen. 

We have released this hunt in the Autumn because it takes in some busy places that in the summer I didn’t want to make you go, in the Autumn they have quietened down and will be fun to explore and enjoy. 

The treasure hunt is fully disabled friendly, as long as you are able to get in and out of your car to enjoy some of the locations. 

Hope you like it. 

Total driving distance is 64 miles or 103 km. 

REMEMBER… If you find you need more medals than you purchase today you can always return and buy the medals separately.

Paricipation is at your own risk, please see legal information for terms and conditions.

If you forgot to get enough medals

Don’t worry, buy as many extra medals as you need here.

More hunts regularly added

We only launched on February 14th 2023, our sons 13th birthday. We went online with 3 hunts but we are now up to a lot more with more on the way until we have something for everyone.

We are going to produce some rural hunts, some cycling hunts, some driving hunts and one for every town on Anglesey. Look out for our seasonal special hunts too, the first one we had was our Special Easter Hunt which had amazing feedback and was enjoyed by all. Like and subscibe to our Youtube channel, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and join us on this exciting Journey.