Anglesey Treasures

Get outdoors on Anglesey with one of our fun treasure hunt adventures

Carefully crafted treasure hunts anywhere on Anglesey from £9.99

“We loved doing the hunt, every part of it, and when Jack got his medal he was so excited.”

Get the whole family outdoors

Gather your troops, its time to explore Anglesey in a whole new way. Excellent day out with the kids, Fun, excitement and (shhhh, don’t tell them) educational.

Always Something New

We will be producing a new treasure hunt every week or two so keep checking back and trying them.

Clues that Rhyme

Yes! All of our clues rhyme, it takes ages to write, but its worth it. You should see how much more fun it makes it, especially for the little ones. 

Low cost fun

Its so easy to overspend when there is so much to see and do on a holiday to Anglesey. Keep the whole family entertained for as little as £9.99.

Exciting way to learn and explore

We’ve crammed as much fun learning into our hunts as we can for amazing family days out, depending on the hunt they’ll learn about history, geography, map reading, the list is endless, all against the backdrop of fun challenges. 

Explore at your own time

Choose which hunt you want to do and complete it in your own time. You can print the PDF we email or you can simply read the clues off your phone. If you do it off your phone you wont be able to get the starting point from the origami challenge (but you can still have a go as long as you can find a piece of paper). If thats the case then just get the starting point from the top of the cheat sheet which is included in the pack. 

Patricia Smith


We are a family from Anglesey

Since our boy was born (13 years ago, shock horror) we have been writing and enjoying treasure hunts. It started with silly ones around the playroom, then in the garden and on into the local town and across the island. Now he’s older he’s just as happy writing hunts for us and between the three of us we decided that we would use our knowledge and love of Anglesey to help visitors to have a little fun and perhaps see some things they may have overlooked. 

Anglesey is such a fantastic backdrop for childhood and whilst not everyone can live here I think everyone should get a taste of how it feels to properly explore the beautiful towns, villages and countryside of this amazing island. 


If you would like to ask us anything or send us a comment there are loads of ways to reach out to us. Send us a message below or hit one of the links above to get to one of our social media pages. 

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