Hunts for any occasion

Over the last twelve months we’ve created bespoke treasure hunts for birthday parties, weddings, stag parties, childrens parties, adult getaways, businesses and lots , lots more. 

If you have an event coming up and you feel like making it just a little different then why not give us a call. 

Drop us an email and let us know exactly what you’d be looking for and I’ll send you back a quote detailing how much it should cost. In general the more things I have to do to create your treasure hunt, the more expensive I have to make it.

If I can peice it together from information I already have on my computer then it becomes cheaper, so remember that before you ask for anything outlandish. 

If cost doesn’t bother you and you want to put us to the test please feel free to make it as outlandish as you wish, we really do like a challenge. 

For any and all enquiries please drop us an email to

I was going to write an explanation of the photograph but I genuinely can’t remember what I asked them to do!